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For a Circular Economic Model Worldwide.


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“Softcar is the dream that has come true of a pure, light and safe car. Starting from scratch, Softcar designed a car with the lowest carbon footprint, assembled in “nano factories”, the local production facilities. We propose a new generation car considering CO2 emissions over its entire life circle. At Softcar, everything is done to reduce the carbon impact and we have achieved so by entering the circular economy where we recycle the components and remelt them into similar pieces. You say ecology is boring? The Softcar will blow your mind with its super lively urban behavior, multicolored bodies and minimal energy consumption! Our mission is to preserve a blue sky in the cities around the world.”

Jean-Luc Thuliez
CEO of Softcar

The circular economy

Everything is done to minimize the environmental footprint of the vehicle.

From the concept and production of the car
through its usage and maintenance models
to the end of its life and recycling within a circular economy

Less is More!

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The Softcar was specifically designed to allow a radical reduction in the number of its components. Whereas a classical car is made of 50’000 + parts, Softcar succeeded in reducing the components to a minimum, with no more than 1’800 parts to build the entire vehicle, including accessories.

Born in Switzerland

only 630 kg (four seats city model)
3,4 m steering radius, hyper-maneuverable for optimal city agility
length 3,42 m, width 1,50 m (without mirrors), height 1,63 m
minivan construction
high efficiency range extender
first hybrid electrical car with natural gas range extender

Locally Produced.

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Softcars are conceived to be assembled locally in nano factories in the very region where they will be used.

Softcar owners or users can pick-up their car directly at the micro-plant nearest to them. This is also the place where they will bring their vehicles for maintenance.

Local nano-factories worldwide. No giga-factories.
Local assembly, maintenance and recycling.
Reducing shipping carbon emissions and fostering a circular economy.

Born in Switzerland, made for the world.

The traditional car manufacturing model is based on mass production, centralized in a few large industrial plants. The finished or semi-finished vehicles are then shipped over sea or land to their points of sale. Thus resulting in significant carbon emissions, even before the car is used for the very first time.


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For the very first time in the automobile industry, with Softcar the chassis and bodies
are recycled into new identical parts, in a never-ending process!
Another key-factor how Softcar is making a crucial difference.

Recycling economy

The aluminum chassis is 100% recycled & recyclable again in another chassis.
The polymer body is 100% recycled & recyclable again in another body.
The battery is entirely revalorized.
All performed locally, in order to reach a severely limited carbon footprint.

The Softcar is coming!

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